Fucked up my Japan Visa

Roundups Sep 10, 2022
  • Applied for my Japan visa.
  • Went to the gym.

So today was kinda tragic.

I originally planned to prepare my application documents during the weekends, but because I got too tired on both days, I just decided to wake up early and prepare them before I go.

Because for some reason our printer is always at Yilan when I need it, I had to go to 7-11 to print those required documents.

There were like 10 documents and licenses in total and all of them needed a copy. So I went to the nearest 7-11 and started printing, but after printing like not even a half, a woman appeared and started waiting behind me. Most likely, she needed to print something also, so I decided to just say that I'm done (but of course I wasn't) and went to another FamilyMart and finished printing my other documents there.

So I thought that I had all documents prepared, and I even went through the checklist of all documents. As I was running out of time, I quickly took all my stuff and left.

After arriving at the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, I got a number card and waited in line, and it was my turn after waiting for like 10 minutes.

When I walked in, I handed in all my documents and sat down. The ambassador(?) then checked if I had all required documents, and found out that I didn't hand in my ID card. "Oh, it's in my wallet." I thought, until I opened my wallet and found out that it wasn't there.

FUCK. I must have left it in the printer at FamilyMart. So I asked if there was any workaround or such, and they said it was fine as long as I hand in my driver's license as compliment and show my ID when I go get my Visa.

Yeah so now the problem is whether my ID was still at FamilyMart, or had it been taken away by some random asshole.

I started calling like crazy to Ricky and my dad, but both weren't able to head there and help me check. I also called the FamilyMart's phone, but nobody answered. So I decided to just head home asap and hope that it was still there.

On the MRT, I told my mom about this whole thing and also said that I've already done everything I could. I didn't want to ask my grandparents to go check, because it was just too big of a hassle.

My mom eventually still asked my grandpa to go check for me, and we found that it was handed to the counter.

Obviously, it was my mistake for losing my ID card, but there was just too many documents for me to handle, and I was also quite in a hurry. On the bright side, I think I handled the situation quite well and didn't just collapse.

In the end, good thing that I didn't lose my ID :P