First Class in Japan

Roundups Oct 4, 2022

So since I left Taiwan I haven't been writing any roundups. I would like to believe that this was because vlogging and photos/videos are enough, but the reality is I'm just lazy. Since school starts today, I think I'll start to try and start stablizing my whole life and routines.

I originally thought I'd start going to school at like 9 A.M. in the morning and do some leetcode, video editing, then go to the gym in the afternoon. However, I woke up too late today at like 10, so the whole schedule was fucked.

Since I asked the guy at BIC Camera and he said that foreigners would be able to apply for UQ Mobile, I searched up for the nearest UQ Mobile store and found out that there was one just near the station. So passing by there to get a phone number there had been included in my schedule today.

One thing I still really wanted was Apple Watch LTE support. After all, I had an LTE watch and didn't want to bring my phone at the gym. However, UQ didn't provide Apple Watch esim service, so I decided to give ahamo, another carrier, a last try. And it failed.

Finally got a phone number after almost two hours applying at the UQ Mobile store. They also provided a 1 yen (albeit with a 2 month 660 yen phone insurance) Redmi Phone. It was still worth it so I took it. Then I headed to school.

Arrived at 大岡山 at almost 2 P.M., and I went to a ramen store near the campus for my lunch. Then I set off for my first class in Japan.

The class was 関数型プログラミング, which I took because I thought it was cool that they actually teach functional programming at school. I entered the classroom and decided to sit next to a girl with blonde hair.

TA introduced what we'll be doing this semester, and also the workshop classes that will have random pair programming sessions through zoom. Overall he seems like a very passionate TA, and I look forward to how this class works out.

Other than that, I also talked to the blonde girl after class. She was from Poland and was an normal undergraduate student. Also her Japanese is crazy good, so we ended up just talking in Japanese. Kind of strange for two non-japanese communicating with a foreign language lol.

Went back home and bought a 広島焼き bento at the supermarket, then lost like 5 ranked games of WildRift in a row. Fuck. So I started watching CyberPunk: EdgeRunners to distract myself from the rage. Finished the whole series at 4:30 A.M. (It was overall good, but not REALLY good imo).

I guess it's another anti-routine day again :P