Last day in Taiwan

Roundups Sep 17, 2022
  • Went to the gym.

Last day in Taiwan.

Went to the gym the last time in the afternoon. Coming to think of it, I've already been working out here for half a year now, and I lost 8kg since then. Hope I can continue working out in Japan.

I was originally kinda getting emotional there, but when I left, it started raining from nowhere, and I didn't bring my raincoat. So I went to the nearby FamilyMart and bought a cheap umbrella, thinking I'm a genius. Then I found out that I went to the gym by scooter, fuck. I ended up hanging that new umbrella on the handle and rode back home in the rain.

At night, I finished packing up my luggage and chatted with my family. I also tried to set up fortigate (bought it last week but it came today unfortunately) but in vain. Ended up staying up until like 3:50 AM because I just couldn't sleep.

I know deep in my heart that time that has past will never come back, so I try to cherish all experiences, including any little thing that has happened in my life. I'll always remember my life in the last semester of college. Going to the gym daily, doing what I like daily.

Wish everyone in Taiwan luck in the coming days.