Daily Roundup - 2022.9.4

Roundups Sep 9, 2022

Food day.

Had breakfast with Ian at Ikea this morning. Everything at Ikea seems delicious, but I can't eat too much :P

Some cringy experience here. I told him that I'm going to have lunch with others, and he asked who. It was my roommates at 102, so it's like a roommate-meetup thing that we always did once a while, and I didn't know if bringing people not belonging to this group was a good decision or not.

Eventually, I didn't bring him, and I'm sorry if it was the wrong decision.

Then we had lunch with the 102 squad. Jimmy came from Kaoshung so props to that.

This was kinda the only time where we didn't go for some all-you-can-eat directly, mainly because it was lunch and I wanted something not that full. We ended up going to Sushiro.

We had a nice talk there, and then went on to see a horror movie. This was I think the first time that we saw a movie at a theater together, so although the movie was kinda shitty, the experience was not bad.

Finally, I went to Hooters to meet up with my high school friends.

At the time it was already 6 pm.

I initially thought I was a genius and headed straight to Hooters 信義, to later just find out that I went to the wrong store.

Since I was already late, ordered an Uber instead of taking the MRT.

Although I ultimately arrived 30 minutes late, I still had a nice talk with our fellow classmates.

Busy but delightful day indeed.