Daily Roundup - 2022.9.3

Roundups Sep 8, 2022
  • Went to the gym.

Had dinner with SQLab this evening.

I really didn't know if I should go since I'm just a term project student instead of a postgraduate, but I decided that I'd just go anyway, who cares :P

Unfortunately, my 299 bus was fking slow cause it was caught in traffic, so I was 20 minutes late. When I arrived, there were already no seats left (which is strange because I did submit the survey and should add to the total number of persons). It was really cringy and I really wanted to leave, but courage stopped me from doing so.

Anyway, I eventually had a seat between BC and another senpai that I didn't really know, and I started cringe-chatting with all those senpais.

During this dinner, BC told me that I should get a new pair of glasses. I actually agree, cause I always thought that I should do a refreshing to my clothing before going to Japan, but never thought about my glasses. It was a fine argument.

Ultimately, I still really like SQLab and all these senpais that are so skilled and knowledgable.