Daily Roundup - 2022.6.24

Roundups Jun 26, 2022
  • Vacation 2 day 2.

Also woke up early today. I'll complain before writing about our vacation.

So last night's homestay was in rooms of 2 and 4 people, so I slept with one of my classmates. Last night he explicitly said that I can use the blanket, it's fine, and then the next morning he complained about the room being too cold causing him to not have slept well. I mean, he could have just took the blanket or turned up the AC temperature, easy as that.

Anyway, our first stop was Harvest Ranch Resort, a large ranch with lots of animals and a large piece of land.

At first I thought it would be absolutely exhausting cause of how fucking hot it was, but it turned out to be quite nice. The electric bikes had shade and also had decent speed, so speeding around the ranch was actually not that hot.

Notablly, we watched a game show of pigs racing. The host was actually decently talanted, and because there were only us watching, we got almost all presents the host gave out. Presents were like pig-feeding food, milk, snacks, while I got an ice-cream (which I think was the best one).

In conclusion, actually a nice place. Would definitely recommend others.

Then we headed to our lunch restaurant, which was located on the other side of the mountain, so we had to cross some mountain roads to get there.

I was actually tired of "looking after" my classmates' driving, so I decided to just sleep. I woke up after a while, and I soon realized that the road was smaller than expected.

Turned out that we took a wrong turn, and were lost in some small street in the mountains. Here I took over and drove back on the right track. I get that newbies need practice to get better, but watching them drive is really kinda painful.

Our lunch was a Chinese-style restaurant located near the sea. It didn't have AC so it was hella hot. Also because their seats were outdoor, there were many bugs wandering around. On top of that, it was expensive. Not a good experience.

We then went to a scenic area on the east cost. Cheap tickets and good scenery. OK experience.

We went to the night market for dinner and sang karaoke at night.