Daily Roundup - 2022.6.23

Roundups Jun 24, 2022
  • Vacation 2 day 1.

Woke up at 6:30 this morning.

I was originally planned to be picked up at 8:50 from a Family Mart, but they seemed to encounter some traffic, so I sat there for an extra 50 minutes. Good thing they had air conditioning and comfy seats.

After I got on the car, we started heading south. Somehow it was my turn to drive, and I wasn't familiar with small cars and that pedal-style hard brakes. Anyway, we ultimately got to Hualian on time.

We went to a seafood restaurant for lunch, and it was nice.

After that, we headed to a river. Some brought slippers so they just went in the water directly, but I didn't want to make my shoes wet, so I started playing stone skipping. Soon, everyone was playing stone skipping.

Then, we went to Qixingtan Beach and took lots of photos. The photo session was too long IMO, but it was still acceptable.

We came to our homestay after everyone was tired. The homestay was large, but I think the quality and sense of beauty was shit. Also, their Wi-Fi is trash. We also ran into a problem, which they went into rooms that were not allowed to be entered and took bathes, but it was just stupid that the owner didn't lock all the rooms that were not allowed to be entered.

We played games and had fun in the lobby the whole night.