Daily Roundup - 2022.6.21

Roundups Jun 22, 2022
  • Vacation day 6.

Today we're heading back to Taiwan.

Breakfast was standard Chinese styled. I guess it was too standard and the proportion was too large, my mom immediately said that she couldn't finish it, so my dad ate like half of her breakfast.

We headed towards the port near 10 o'clock for the 10:30 ship, but the ship didn't show up at 10 o'clock (it was supposed to appear 30 minutes earlier). Yeah, it was fucking late, and arrived near 10:30.

Ultimately, it left Green Island at 11:00, leaving most of the passengers in the 30-degrees burning weather for an extra 30 minutes. The seats on board were also low quality, and the boat company seemed to not have any sign of apology for the delay. I cloudn't imagine something like this happening in Japan, and I also don't think Taiwan would ever evolve to a point where our people have some dignity of their jobs.

It was 12 when we arrived at Taiwan. After getting our car, we started heading north. My mom decided to try out a brunch, so we did so. We waited kinda long, but the food was decent. We finished lunch at 2 o'clock, and later checked in at 3.

Our new homestay was awesome, the best we had during this vacation. It had great design and color balance, and the space and quality we were given for such price was also incredible. I'd definitely come again when we revisit.

We had dinner at 6, but because we finished lunch not long ago, me and my dad were still full, so it was kinda a painful meal. The proportion we were served ended up being fine, but it really gave some emotional damage right there.

We're finally heading back to Yilan tomorrow :)