Daily Roundup - 2022.6.20

Roundups Jun 21, 2022
  • Vacation day 5.

So  last night’s  sleeping experience was fantastic. I woke up at 4:30 once, but went back to bed again and slept for another 3 hours.

We had breakfast prepared by our B&B,  which was a pretty standard American-styled breakfast. Nothing special, but way better than Lanyu.

My mom had to host an online test today, and she hadn't finish making all the questions for the test, so she started working right after we finished breakfast. Meanwhile, me and my dad started exploring Green Island.

We visited the lighthouse, airport, hot spring, and many "named rocks". My conclusion would be: Nice view but freakin hot.

After returning, we waited for my mom to finish the test, and then had lunch.

In the afternoon, we went on another snorkling session. Our group had a total of 7 people, and there were two that were late. I never understood why being on time is so difficult for some.

The coach was also... slow. The tutorial took a long time, which took us almost 1 hour from when we arrived at the water sports center to when we started snorkling.

Snorkling session was also mediocre. Underwater view was great, but the snorkel seems to be too short, so sea water kept coming into my snorkel. Also, because I had to keep floating up to clear my snorkel, I got kinda seasick and felt disgusted.

In conclusion, mediocre experience.

We went to a Korean fried chicken restaurant for dinner, but after we sat down, the owner came to say that we have to takeaway cause they're closing. And after we finally decided what to order, the owner said that the chicken we ordered were sold out. So we left eating nothing. Fuck.

We went to an American restaurant later, and it was expensive, but tasted fine.

The experience here is definitely better than Lanyu, but still not pleasant. I'd give a 6 out of 10.

Tomorrow, we're finally leaving the islands and heading back to Taiwan.