Daily Roundup - 2022.6.19

Roundups Jun 20, 2022
  • Vacation day 4.

So this is our third day at Lanyu, and we'll be heading towards Green Island.

My dad and I were assigned the task to buy breakfast this morning, so we headed towards DongChing at 6 AM. Despite being so early, the breakfast store we originally wanted to try out was like flooded with people, so we eventually went to another one.

When we arrived at this other breakfast store, there were no customers, and we were the first. We ordered and sat down, and started waiting. Time started going by, and people started coming in, but there was still no sign of our breakfast being prepared.

We waited like a fucking hour to finally get our breakfast, despite being the first customer. I absolutely dislike the service provided on this island.

After leaving our homestay at 11 AM, we had to kill some time until our boat departure at 3 PM.

The sun was fucking hot, and my mom kept stopping for places like the "beautiful shoreline" with no shadow in sight, and I was slightly triggered because of this.

However, in Lanyu, even if you wanted to pay for some food that has AC and drinks, it's unironically impossible. Furthermore, half of the stores were not open, on a SUNDAY.

We finally stumbled upon a restaurant that had AC. The food was expensive but fine, and the AC was not that cold either, but it was the best we can find. I'm almost certain that 99% of the stores or restaurants here, if opened in Taiwan, would just fail instantly.

Overall, I think Lanyu is only recommendable for those who absolutely love water sports and could survive on 7-11 daily. If you want any quality life, Lanyu is not your choice.

Finally, we arrived at Green Island, and man it's way better. The owner of our homestay tonight was so kind and helpful, and the room is nice to. There are also lots of choices for dinner, which all come with AC too :)

Overall feeling, Green Island > Lanyu.