Daily Roundup - 2022.6.17

Roundups Jun 18, 2022
  • Vacation day 2.

Today we drove to Fukang port to take our ferry to Lanyu...... which was what I originally imagined. It was not a ferry, but a fucking boat.

It took 2 hours from Fukang port to Lanyu, and man it was a fucking nightmare. The ship was swinging as hell and I've never experienced such an unpleasant boat ride in my life. I felt like throwing up, but because I had good stomach control that didn't really happen.

After arriving, we headed to our homestay tonight.

Their motorbike rental service is kinda unique. We had our bikes rent with our homestay, and the bikes were already at the port when we arrived. The bike rental company took care of our luggage and drove them to our homestay by a van.

Our homestay was at the other side of the island in contrary to the port, so we did a 30-minute ride there.

After arriving, there was a staff that gave us a room on the 1st floor. However, my mom remembered that she booked a room on the 2nd. She tried calling the owner, but the owner seemed to be on vacation and didn't pick up the phone, so we ultimately went in the wrong room.

We then realized that was the wrong one after we set off to buy dinner, and had to switch back to the correct one once we came back.

Compared to yesterday's, this room had more faucets, and everything a normal homestay had. Only complaint is that the faucet's hot/cold water is like cold/hot, which is opposite to what we normally see and almost burnt me in several occasions.

Tomorrow, we'll be exploring the Lanyu island!