Daily Roundup - 2022.6.1

Roundups Jun 1, 2022
  • Went to the gym.
  • Write Japanese essays.
  • Update yagami.dev.

Although progress is slow, things are getting done.

Passing the end-of-May deadline for Cubit with my brother and handing out my last homework at NYCU, I finally could start moving on to other projects.

Project GYM is also doing fine, got to about 72 kg by the end of May. I hope I could get to 70 before July comes in.

Also, I wrote my best Japanese article to date, so definitely go check it out if you're fluent in Japanese.

I also just knew that my Japanese teacher broke up with her boyfriend. Ending a four year relationship must be really painful. I could feel that deeply in my heart, but my Japanese ability is just not enough to cheer teacher up.

I guess I'd craft and send a message tomorrow or so. Hope she gets well soon.