Daily Roundup - 2022.9.2

Roundups Sep 8, 2022

Written at 9/8 because I was too lazy during those days. It's quite a strange feeling to recall things from this day. Kinda feels like the whole internship thing was already a long time ago, but in the reality it hasn't been one week.

Last day at Synology.

Had my last meeting in the morning. They asked about how I felt about the internship program. Overall, I think it's nice, but I would like to work on production stuff more.

They let me decide what to eat at lunch, and idk why but we eventually just went to ootoya (which I just had the day before).

Darren added me to their discord group. Knowing that I had some way to contact them, I didn't ask for more social account friending.

In the afternoon we kinda just chilled and chatted with other interns. Did some ansible but it really wasn't much.

At last, we returned all equipments and signed a few documents and called it a day.

If you come to think about it, this seems like the first time that I entered and left some environment this quickly. It's just a strange feeling, not something bad.

Overall, I really liked the internship program. Would recommend others if asked :)